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April 2021: TrainExpo.ch for Gauge 1 and 0


Extract from the press release:

After it had to be announced in June 2018 that no Gauge 0 Expo could take place in 2019, a core team has been working to relaunch the biennial event.

In the community centre Brüelmatt (GZB) in Birmensdorf/Zurich, a venue for the new TrainExpo.ch was found, which offers a well suited infrastructure in a well developed location close to the city. The decisive factor was that its use should be sustainable with limited resources and the necessary self-financing, which was less the case at all other locations evaluated. On the weekend of 24 and 25 April 2021, a gymnasium can be used in addition to the GZB and a large tent can be erected on the open-air site. Delegates of the SVEA who meet in Zurich on the same weekend will be able to attend an event nearby at the same time, which will extend and enrich their programme. There was no conflict with other model railroad events, some of which had to be postponed until next year due to the Corona crisis. With the chosen date, there is the prospect of organizing TrainExpo.ch in all odd years in the future and thus as an alternative to the Burgdorf model railway exhibition.


Since a workshop was held a year ago, the core team has developed into an organising committee (OC). On 23 May 2020, the association "TrainExpo.ch" was founded from among its members to create a secure and financially independent basis for the new event. Persons who are particularly committed to the preparation and implementation of the event as well as patrons can join the association. Anyone interested in actively contributing to the success of TrainExpo.ch 2021 is requested to contact info@TrainExpo.ch.

Next steps

The logo for TrainExpo.ch has already been developed and a homepage designed: www.TrainExpo.ch. Interested manufacturers, dealers, exhibitors and clubs have already registered for participation. The hall plans will be continuously refined and adapted to the spatial conditions in contact with potential exhibitors, module and diorama owners, system operators, dealers, model makers and clubs. Other exhibitors are welcome to join us, so that new, rarely or never seen systems, dioramas and vehicle models can be shown.

The organising committee is looking forward to welcoming further participants and to welcoming a large audience in Birmensdorf on 24/25 April 2021. Interested parties are welcome to contact us at info@TrainExpo.ch.

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