Attention: Please choose a new Password

by Friedhelm Weidelich

Dear readers,

When converting to the new software, your user names could be transferred, but unfortunately not your passwords. Please log in (only  one time) with your user name and the password spur1info.

Then "My data" will appear on top. Please enter there a new password twice. Of course, this can also be the password you have used so far. Please make a note of your user name and your new password. Of course, you can also save both in your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.) under Settings and Privacy or similar terms. Then log out and log in with your new password.

Second option: Enter your username and e-mail address and request a new password.

Third option: Tell me your new or previous password and I will enter it.

Thank you for your understanding and apologies for the inconvenience.

If you don't get along at all, please call me. The phone number is in the imprint.

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Comment by Viggo Jørn Dale |

Mr. Weidelich!

I tried to follow your login-procedure. After loggin in with "spur1info", the dialog-box "My data" does not appear, (using google netreader).

Viggo Dale/Norwegen

Reply by Friedhelm Weidelich

Hi Mr Dale,

sorry to read that. Please e-mail your password via "Contact" and I will enter it for you. Thanks!

Comment by Ralf Metzner |

unfortunately seems not to be feasible

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