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What is the sum of 8 and 7?

Fall traffic at DEV


Until October 25th, there will be operations every weekend. The woods, which are slowly turning an autumnal color, offer a colorful backdrop for the next two weekends. The cars offer plenty of space to keep a distance. On Saturdays there is not much of a rush, so you can still take a spontaneous ride. On Sunday afternoons it is very advisable to book a place. You also have to fill out a form with your name, address and telephone number. Everything goes very relaxed. If you have a camper van, you will find a place with sanitary facilities right at the end of the station for €8 per night.

Support the association with its not at all museum-like, but well-groomed authentic operation by a ride, donation or membership.

Deutscher Eisenbahn-Verein

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