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New clear coats from Bergswerk


Thanks to the integrated UV blocker, the new acrylic clear coats from Bergswerk protect against fading and color changes caused by ultraviolet radiation in daylight. The clear coats are already adjusted ready for use and can be dosed directly and cleanly from the fine dropper bottle.

The clear coats are available in four formulations, each 100 ml at €9.90:

  • high-gloss
  • silky gloss
  • semi-gloss
  • deep matt

The water-based acrylic clear coats are sprayed in several thin layers at a working pressure of 1.5 to 1.8 bar, but can also be applied and diluted with a brush. According to the inscription on the bottles, the clear varnish is dust-dry after five to ten minutes, is non-slip after 30 minutes and completely dry and abrasion-resistant after 24 hours. Afterwards, the paint is also insensitive to washes and filters. Airbrush and brush must be cleaned with water immediately after use.


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