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News from Swiss Proform Spur 1


The 44 9506-5 has a coal dust tender, a coal tender is also available. The models from individual production cost from CHF 14,000.

Half finished is the prototype of the 65 1052 of the DR. Class 65 locomotives are built in three versions, including Giesl ejector and coal dust firing.

At request of customers, the SBB C 5/6 will also be put on the rails by the end of 2022.

All locomotives have compensating levers with correct leaf springs for prototypical running gear, Maxon Re 25 motors with 20 watts of power, ESU Loksound 5 XL, headlights in the direction of travel, cab lighting and reversing by servo. The locomotive's own steam generator operates the chimney and cylinder taps.

All models are built to order by Proform in Switzerland from brass, copper and steel and are also suitable for garden railway operation.


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