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Novelty: DB Cab/Baggage Car BD4yge(f) by Wunder


Rebuilt from an electric cab control car

At the beginning of the 1950s, three ES 85 (the control cars of the electric railcar ET 85) were converted for the Munich suburban traffic to Dachau. They were converted at WMD in Donauwörth and added to the car fleet as ESG 01-03. The baggage compartment was considerably enlarged and the side walls were fitted with two additional sliding doors. The ESG control cars were initially coupled with three-axle Prussian compartment cars, and a little later also with three-axle conversion cars (3yge).

The E 44 locomotives were used. Other locomotives were also used as an alternative, but then without the control function. When sufficient centre entry control cars were available from 1957 for the line to Dachau, the three cars were transferred to the Traunstein - Ruhpolding line. There they were used together with 3yg-conversion cars in local traffic. After 1967, the cars were transferred to Bundesbahndirektion Karlsruhe in South Baden and used on the Basel - Lörrach - Zell (Wiesental) line, among others. After these operations as regular half baggage cars, the cars were converted to maintenance train cars. They were in service until the middle of the 1980s.

The brass models of the control/half baggage car of the German Federal Railroad are offered in two versions for the epoch IIIb:

  • BD4ygef 2nd class and luggage compartment, grey aluminium/bottle green, BD Munich
  • BD4yge 2nd class and luggage compartment, umbra grey/chrome oxide green, BD Karlsruhe

The cars will have close coupler kinematics, opening doors and switchable interior lighting. The 635 mm models require a minimum radius of 1,394 mm. Price: €1,950 each with NEM wheel sets. Other wheel sets cost €100 more.


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