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What is the sum of 8 and 2?

Season's Greetings


Dear subscribers, advertisers, financiers and creators of the gauge 1 industry, friends and all who have enriched spur1info with contributions, photos and information,

A stressful year in many respects will soon lay behind us. 2022 presented many of us and the entire industry with unfamiliar challenges. Now it's time for relaxation and a clear head, at least for a couple of days....

I sincerely thank you for the cooperation, friendly exchange of ideas and many beautiful moments that we could share, connected by our hobby...

I wish you a Merry Christmas with some time to relax - and some leisure to occupy yourself with the unpacked or still in boxes resting gauge 1 models.

Merry Christmas!


Friedhelm Weidelich

I took this photo of 38 1282 (ex Prussian P 8) from Bw (depot) Rottweil with passenger train P 1941 at Aldingen (on the Gäubahn between Tuttlingen and Rottweil, Germany) on February 17, 1969.

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