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Small Animals


The animal figurines by Gabriele and Michael Klingenhöfer from Cologne caught my eye in eBay. But they also have their own online store. Especially pretty is the fox, as he is occasionally sighted on the outskirts of towns and villages.

Numerous birds are offered, which fit perfectly on deciduous trees, roofs and fences. Among them are ravens and pigeons, but also woodpeckers. Cute are also the squirrels, rabbits and hares. For ponds and lakes there are swans and ducks. Also interesting is the stork with spread wings, which can be placed prototypically on tower masts and old factory chimneys.

Fun birds will also find a crocodile and a penguin - so they do not have to take dinosaur figures from children and grandchildren. ;-)

The models are 3D printed and painted by hand. Depending on the size and effort for painting, the prices range from €4.50 to around €15.00.


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