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Steiner Modellwerke Abandon O Gauge


Steiner Modellwerke has just published the following announcement:

Dear customer,

last year we started our activities in gauge 0 in 1:45 scale.

The first two projects were the class 85 and class 98.3 models.

These were to be developed and built in cooperation with an Asian producer. Samples of both series could be presented at various trade fairs and exhibitions.

Recently we received a unilateral termination of this cooperation from the producer without giving reasons. Therefore both projects would have to be restarted with a new producer.

Due to the new engagement of a gauge 1 importer in the gauge 0 market with the announcement of the BR 98.3 as well as the announcement of a gauge 0 importer of the BR 85 we decided to terminate our activities in the gauge 0 market. We do not want to promote a double development and it would not benefit any of the importers.

Thus, unfortunately, all order confirmations in gauge 0 are no longer valid with immediate effect.

We ask for your understanding for this necessary step!

Also affected by the cancellation on the part of the producer is our inclined coal elevator in gauge 1.

But it will be built and delivered like our class 81 in gauge 1.

The class 81 is 95 percent finished and could be ready for acceptance in 2 weeks. However, this will probably be further delayed by the outbreak of the corona virus in China.

We ask our customers for their understanding in this matter as well!

My short comment: The step is consistent and unfortunately rather unusual in this industry - to everyone's disadvantage.

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