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The Fichtelbergbahn - part 3


Vierenstraße station is located at the beginning of the steep incline to Kretscham-Rothensema. The operating company has recorded a video here in the cab, which also includes the departure in Kretscham. So you can look over the shoulder of the engineer and the fireman. By the way, the engineer is the same one who operated our evening train in part 1.

After the departure in Hammerunterwiesenthal, which is also the starting point for the second video of the SDG, we explore the station Oberwiesenthal, where there is an old weighing machine. For 20 cents you can find out your weight, printed on a ticket. Many of us know these humming machines from our childhood, they also stood in Deutsche Bundesbahn stations.

On the way to the viaduct you recognize a snow plow. The Bimmelbahn path accompanies the entire route. When I was waiting for the train to Cranzahl on Sunday morning, a young couple arrived who had already walked the 17 km (over 10 miles) and still intended to climb the Fichtelberg.

At the Fichtelbergbahn, which is worth a visit at any time of the year, high season prevails around Christmas. Then 10-car trains are pulled by two locomotives, of course in the snow. At that time, the trains are so full that it's almost impossible to get through, the conductor told me when we had time to chat on the evening train.

By the way, the open observation cars are an invention of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. They were already in use in the 1970s, for example between Radebeul and Radeburg near Dresden.

Wouldn't these trains be an attractive motif for 1 Gauge?

In the cab from station Vierenstrasse

From Hammerunterwiesenthal to Oberwiesenthal

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