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Toy Fair 2020: Noch


Noch has discovered the gauge 1 market and will presumably offer five sets of figures for gauge 1 from October 2020. The 3-man railway staff, 3 shunters and 3 passengers will cost € 24.99 each, the train driver and stoker € 18.99. In addition, a set with three seated passengers and a bench is planned for € 26.99.

The electrostatic Gras-Master 3.0 for grass flocking is now available in a professional version with 16 kV and an operating time of ten to twelve hours. No less than eight 1.5 V AA batteries are required for this. Three sieves are included in the package. The Gras-Master 3.0 Profi costs € 149.99.

The less powerful Gras-Master 3.0 works with 11 kV voltage and runs for three to four hours on a 9 V battery. Price: € 99.

Starting in April, five grass masks will be available for applying irregular grass stains or grass strips to roadsides. The set costs € 9.99.


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