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TrainExpo in Switzerland


Several layouts, mainly in 0 gauge, will be in operation on 1,500 square meters on May 21 and 22. 45 dealers and exhibitors will be exhibiting. Five model builders will present ten homebuilt models in 1:32. In addition, there will be so-called TechCorners with tips and tricks around model building - a good idea.

From Germany, Dingler, Fine Models and Wunder represent gauge 1. The focus is on Swiss suppliers of models in gauges 0 and 1 and live steam models. Of particular interest will be a 1:32 coal-fired steam locomotive and a live steam locomotive with turbine drive. In addition, the inexpensive do-it-yourself construction of gauge 1 freight cars will be shown and on Saturday an attempt will be made to keep a "Royal Scotsman" coal-fired locomotive under steam for eight hours.

For Switzerland, TrainExpo could become a key date. In October, however, there will also be the traditional Platform of the Small Series.

All information about TrainExpo can be found at their website.

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