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Weatherproof Turnout Drive from Proform for Garden Railways


Proform's brass switch box contains a servo, which transmits its force to the switch blades via a linkage and a redirection system that can be adapted to different travel distances. The robust construction of the 160 mm turnout drive ensures trouble-free operation on garden railways with a track gauge of 45 mm and other common gauges because the drive cannot be flooded in rain and there are no dust-prone guides.

The CHF 85 (just under € 77) turnout mechanism can be controlled conventionally via push buttons. The drive can also be switched digitally with a servo decoder.

By the way, the 53 0001 of the DRG, like all Proform 1-gauge models, is manufactured individually to order. The model, which is also suitable for garden railway operation, is available with a bathtub or condensation tender.

Proform Spur 1

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